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About me

Proventic is a startup founded by Zendesk expert Carsten Falborg, who was among the first Zendesk partners in Denmark. Proventic is located in central Odense and helps companies throughout the country optimise their customer service and build good relationships with their customers.

Clear communication

Prior to focusing on Zendesk solutions, I was always employed in a customer service or IT function. My strength is that I can easily put myself in the customer's shoes and understand what they want. This means that I can translate these requirements into a purely technical setup in relatively little time. Leveraging my insight and expertise in the field helps your company achieve the most optimal solution.

Carsten FalborgCEO | Proventic

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10 years’ experience with Zendesk

I have been involved with Zendesk for the last 10 years and have been a Zendesk reseller for approx. 6 years. Whether your business is large or small, and whether or not you are familiar with Zendesk – I'm here to help you provide your customers with even better customer service!

Everything within Zendesk

As a Zendesk expert, I offer everything within Zendesk – from licences, consultation and Zendesk support to custom development. The system is constantly evolving with new products, options and methods. I can review your setup and assess your options based on how you use Zendesk today. As a Zendesk reseller, I always stay up-to-date on what Zendesk can do and I offer my services at an extremely competitive price.

If you already have Zendesk, I can optimise your solution so that your investment in customer service will be even better. Contact me and get a free service check-up of your Zendesk solution here.