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Ticketing system software with local Danish support

The ticketing system software gathers all your helpdesk data and interactions with the customer in one place in the same CRM ticketing system. Zendesk can receive customer requests from multiple channels, such as e-mail, phone, chat, social media, etc. Zendesk offers comprehensive and user-friendly customer service software that optimises your company’s entire operations from sales and support to internal processes, workflows and much more.

The Zendesk support ticketing system is a market leader in ticketing software, gathering and organising all support requests from customers and employees in a ticketing system cloud.

What is customer service software?

Customer service software is CRM software that gathers and assigns a reference number to individual customer requests. Numbering makes it easy to search through data, activities and history on the case because it gathers all of the information, making it easy to organise and manage. It provides a more efficient workflow, increased overview and better communication both internally and with the customer. It improves the customer experience – and positive customer service means happier customers.

Efficient ticketing system cloud

The Zendesk Support ticketing system is an omnichannel ticketing system that makes it easy to find, prioritise and manage support requests. It improves efficiency and provides an important overview when your staff are dealing with the individual requests logged in the system, regardless of the type of contact channel used. As your local partner based in Odense, Proventic Zendesk offers licences, customisation and support for ticketing software in Aarhus, Copenhagen and the rest of the country.

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Customer service via the customer's preferred communication channel

Customers usually have different preferences when it comes to communicating with your business. With Zendesk, employees no longer have to switch between multiple different platforms, thus avoiding risk of error and the work that goes into connecting information from different channels.

High quality and customer satisfaction

Customers will experience a high level of quality when the dialogue takes place smoothly on their preferred platform. Younger people like to reach out on social media, and chat sessions via Facebook Messenger can easily be connected to customer support.

Easy to manage

Zendesk ticketing system software provides a comprehensive overview of both context and customer journey. Support staff will no longer have to spend precious time looking for data and information and having to link all the information themselves. All customer requests are converted to a 'ticket', and can be organised to send to a specific function or person.

CRM ticketing system

Zendesk software helps your customer support staff provide fast, personalised service. With complete and user-friendly access to all data and details, the individual agent can respond and solve different kinds of support tasks and provide exceptional service to all customers.

Ticketing systems Copenhagen, Aarhus & Odense

Want to hear more about ticketing systems for your business? I can assist your company with advice and solutions that will improve your customer service to benefit your business, customers and employees. Contact me to find out more about ticketing systems in Copenhagen and Aarhus or across the rest of the country.

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