Ticketing systems for business & ecommerce

Achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction

Organise your support requests

Gather all your support requests in one place and manage your customers' requests quickly and easily. With the Zendesk ticketing system, you can easily track all your customers' requests, whether they are via live chat, e-mail, phone or Facebook. All requests are automatically converted to a 'ticket' assigned to the support staff member you have specified.

Are you an online retailer?

Zendesk makes it possible to integrate all data and to create apps and integrations no matter what system you have. For example, if you have a customised retail website, the customer's order can be linked to the data you have in the system, which can be extracted and displayed in Zendesk. This means all customer data is immediately accessible, so you can see who the customer is and what orders they have placed without having to look it up.

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Reduce the workload for customer support

The ticketing system helps you manage various customer messages. Automatically distributing them to the right employee or department helps to save valuable time for employees – time that can reduce queueing and response times. Ticketing optimises the workflow for support staff and improves the customer experience.

Find out more about ticketing systems for business and ecommerce

Proventic has many years of experience in ticketing solutions for both large and small companies. I offer custom development services for online retailers so you get a solution that meets your company's needs. I am also happy to provide a free service check-up of your solution and offer suggestions for improvement.