Easy administration of HR

Streamline your company's HR function

Zendesk is a market leader in software solutions and offers an intuitive ticketing system for HR functions, making it easy to handle all types of HR tasks. All employee data is gathered and managed from one central location. Simple administration and a complete overview create a more efficient process for HR, management and team leaders.

Everything is gathered in one system

With the Zendesk ticketing system for HR, all requests are placed in a queue. It organises all requests into a single queue for the HR team or for specific team members. The system makes it easy to solve all support tickets and collaborate on specific issues.

Easier workflows and a better overview

The ticketing solution streamlines all HR phases, from the hiring process to the termination of employment. With Zendesk as your ticketing system, it is easier to organise all applicants and staff information in connection with recruitment, evaluation, promotion, payroll administration and dismissal. It creates a complete overview that is easy to manage.

Carsten FalborgCEO | Proventic

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Easy to implement

Zendesk is easy to implement and has many integration options that make it possible to adapt the system to the company’s specific requirements. If you need any assistance with development tasks, I would be happy to step in and offer custom development services to ensure that your HR department gets the right setup.

Get help optimising your HR

Proventic helps companies of all sizes find and implement the right solutions that provide value for bottom line, employees and customers. I am an experienced Zendesk specialist with 10 years of expertise in Zendesk business solutions. Get in touch to find out more about the opportunity to streamline your HR helpdesk.