Zendesk Guide

The intelligent FAQ for your customers

Avoid answering the same questions

The Zendesk Guide offers your customers an easy and accessible way to find answers to most questions themselves. With Zendesk Guide, you can provide answers to the “easy” questions – giving employees time to focus on issues that require a human touch. Ultimately, this frees up time for other tasks.

How it works

Zendesk Guide is directly integrated into Zendesk Support, which allows your employees to refer to Guide articles and search for information themselves, without having to leave Support. It's a Win-Win for both customers and employees!

Tailored to your visual profile

Zendesk Guide is a self-service solution that comes with the system and can be customised and styled to meet your company’s needs. Proventic can provide assistance with bespoke themes if you do not have a graphic artist. Zendesk Guide templates can be customised based on the company design guide and visual profile in order to match the brand.

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The quick way to self-service

The expectation for good customer service today is that help is fast, accessible and easy to get. With Zendesk Guide, your customers no longer have to wait in a long queue, and employees no longer have to spend time repeating themselves if customers can find the answers themselves. This helps to reduce the number of requests dealing with the most frequently asked questions.

Let an experienced Zendesk expert help you get started

Want to hear more about proactive customer service with Zendesk Guide? With a background in IT and customer service, I can offer your company qualified assistance and consulting services. I am ready to help evaluate the possibilities so you get a system that meets your business needs. Contact me today for a free, no-obligation meeting to find out more.