Zendesk Chat Support & Live Chat System

Effective support for your customers

Zendesk Chat and chat system

Zendesk Chat is among the leading chat systems on the market. Give your customers a personal connection with the Zendesk Chat support system and offer effective support with Zendesk. Communicate easily and effortlessly via a live chat system, no matter which channel the customer prefers.

Help more customers in less time

By using Zendesk chat as a chat support system, your employees can help several customers at the same time. Your customers wait for a shorter time and have a better experience with your customer service. It results in satisfied customers, minimises customer attrition and can increase your earnings.

Increase conversion rates and sales with a live chat system

Zendesk can increase your sales, conversion rates and engagement as well as reducing "cart abandonment". Automated triggers let you reach out to your customers and answer questions about products or the purchase process to help them complete an order.

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Enjoy benefits with Zendesk

There are several benefits of communicating with customers via Zendesk:

  • Live chat can increase your conversion rate by up to 29%!
  • 53% of shopping carts are abandoned by online customers if they do not get a quick response!
  • 86% of consumers welcome proactive assistance via chat when they encounter problems on your site!
  • A lack of response can lead to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers!

Zendesk Chat = good customer service!

Chat is a simple and immediate way to talk to your customers. Live chat is also one of the channels that provides the highest customer satisfaction. And it’s even cost-effective! Using chat on your website can increase your conversion rate and reduce the number of e-mails and phone calls.

Contact your Zendesk expert to find out more

Want to hear more about your options to implement a user-friendly chat system? Then get in touch with me today and find out more about the solutions I can offer. I have 10 years of experience with Zendesk and many years of experience in IT and customer service. I can help ensure that you get a setup that meets your business needs.